Mr Mohammad Itani

Advisor to the Board

Mohammad Abdul Razzak Itani was born into a loving family that realized the importance of education and human ethics.

Mohammad earned in 1979 his Mathematics Baccalaureate Degree from the International College (IC) in Beirut, and received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering in 1983 from Louisiana Tech University in USA with high honors. He received an award from the Dean of the University for contributing and achieving in the Research program to develop a new control system for the aircraft dashboards for Boeing.

After graduation, he joined many technical training courses in Italy in water pumps, electric motors, generating sets, and electric control panels & switchgears; to join after one year his father’s company Abdul Razzak Itani & Sons – ARISON s.a.r.l., one of the most renowned companies in Lebanon for pumps and generating sets; and where he currently acts as the Managing Partner in charge of the entire Operations.

The expansion of the family business started in 1985 when Mohammad established a Trading & Consulting branch for the company in Alessandria/ Italy, and added with his two brothers different branches in Lebanon to cover most of its geographical territory. In 2002, he established and managed two branches for the company in the United Arab in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi & Dubai; to cover and service the entire Gulf region.

In 2012, Mohammad played a major role to establish, equip, and operate a piece of art Packaging & Servicing Facility Plant in Jiyyeh/Mount Lebanon; named “ARISON Industrial Plant” to assemble and service water pumps, generating sets, control and switchgear electrical panels.

During his career, Mohammad attended many local & International technical and management workshops, conferences, and seminars which have given him a better exposure to the world of global business, and strengthened his technical abilities and management skills.

In 2015, Mohammad was elected as an Advisor of the General Assembly of the Lebanese – Italian Business Council in Beirut.